Second Grade Nest: Free End of the Year Webinar

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Free End of the Year Webinar

That's my goal for you.
I know it won't be 100% stress-free, because let's face it, it's a crazy time for all teachers. 
BUT I'm leading a webinar to help you eliminate that stress. 
I'm leading a FREE, LIVE webinar!

What you will learn: 
-What to expect in the last few weeks
-How to make a killer to-do list
-How to stay on top of this to-do list
 -How to manage all of these tasks
-How to do all of this while maintaining a consistent classroom schedule
-How to close up your room little at a time
-A few fun activities for the end of the year
Everyone will receive this freebie...

And everyone will receive this free workbook to work through....

Join this LIVE and FREE webinar! 
There are four sessions.
Option 1: Tuesday, April 18- Completed! 
Option 2: Wednesday, April 19- Completed!
Option 3: Tuesday, April 25- Completed!
Option 4: Wednesday, April 26- Completed!
Option 5: Tuesday, May 2- Completed!
Option 6: Wednesday, May 10- Completed!
Option 7: Tuesday, May 16
Option 8: Wednesday, May 24 


  1. If you have an opportunity to listen in on this webinar... YOU 100% SHOULD! As a first year teacher, I knew there would be a lot of things to do of the end of the year, but this webinar made it ALL seem possible without losing my head! I am excited to get many things off my to do list EARLY and enjoy the last few days with my kiddos! THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking the time to create this webinar.

  2. I bought her pack after watching the webinar last year. I have been teaching 32 years but her organization ideas made my end of the year smooth and stress free. I watched the seminar again this year for a refresher and have my to do list updated and ready to go. Her activity pack is FULL of excellent resources. I teach first and then loop to second. I saved half of the ideas for the second year. Thanks Jessica!!