Second Grade Nest: April 2015

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

May Paired Passages are Here!

Can't believe it's time for May Paired Passages! 

Themes for the month: 
Teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week
Cinco de Mayo
Mother's Day
Memorial Day

Here are the tradition paired passages with printable version... 

And here is the interactive notebook version if you and your students work with interactive notebooks! 

Monday, April 27, 2015


I love teaching plants! Every year, my students and I grow bean plants out of lima beans.
Their progress pics are always so much fun to watch. 

Planting the Seed

Materials needed:
Paper Towels
Clear Cups
Black Sharpies
Lima Beans 

Getting the students to wrap their paper towels into a circle is always tough! 
But letting them try and try to get their cups perfect is always fun. When the students get disappointed because their seeds won't stay on the side of the cup, that's a learning experience. That's my opportunity to teach even more science and tell them that their seeds at the bottom of the cup will be an experiment just like the ones on the side of the cup. 

Observing the Seed: 
We watched the seed for a few weeks and wrote about what we saw in our learning logs. 
For a while, the students were drawing and writing about the same thing and getting quite frustrated!  

Learning About Plants While We Wait: 
Here is a look at fold-and-go books, printables, passages, and cut and glue pages from my plant unit that makes teaching plants quick and easy! 

Love our fold and go mini books. 
Flip them over, fold them twice, and the kids are ready to go!  

They even come with comprehension questions! 

I'm wild about passages. They are short and sweet, teach the kids what they need to know, and keep them responsible for reading with their comprehension questions at the bottom.  

And print-and-go printables ready for supplemental lessons! 


Saturday, April 25, 2015

Telling Time Activities

I blogged about some of my favorite telling time activities back in 2013 on this blog post

I've added some fun activities to my telling time lessons with my Time Activity Pack! 
Centers, printables, interactive notebooks, and mini books are all offered! 
In the pack, each activity is offered with time to the hour, to the half hour, to the quarter hour, and for every five minutes. 

Take a closer look here! 










Grab it here! 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Fluency with Ocean Animals

Remember my post from several months ago that outline how I teach fluency in my classroom?

Well, I've expanded! 
I have a new supplemental pack to help teach fluency! This one uses ocean animals to help teach fluency. 

Each kiddo gets a binder/folder cover and a nonfiction and fiction tracker. 
The fiction and nonfiction trackers are for fluency passages, seen below. 

For fluency passages, I always do 3 reads with my kiddos. 
Cold read- blue
Warm read- Yellow (after practicing with partners and reading/answering comprehension questions)
Hot read- red (after one week of practicing)

On top of the fluency passages, there are fluency centers, too! 



Here is the pack!