Second Grade Nest: Martin Luther King Jr. Lessons and Activities

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Martin Luther King Jr. Lessons and Activities

I have gathered several products and lessons for Martin Luther King Jr. to showcase in this blog post. This is such an important holiday in the classroom. Teaching the history of what Martin Luther King Jr. did and what he fought for is very important to teach in the classroom. It helps teach the students about U.S. history, an important historical figure, and how to use Dr. King's beliefs in their every day lives. 

Let's Watch MLK Jr.
Brain Pop Jr. has a video and other activities for Martin Luther King Jr. 
If there is a Brain Pop video for a topic, I always introduce the topic with one of the videos. They are so informative and my students always loved Moby and Annie. 

Let's Read About MLK Jr.
 Click each book above to check out the Scholastic listing for the books!
 Martin Luther King Jr. is featured in my January Paired Passages. There is a nonfiction and a fictional story about him with comprehension activities, writing, and comparison activities.
We also read through a Martin Luther King Jr. script which is included in my Winter Reader's Theater. This is a 3-character play that it set in the past. The two girls are interviewing Dr. King, so it gives a lot of mock-opinions of Dr. King.

My students loved colored and cutting their own mini books for MLK Jr. Day. It let them feel ownership over their books. After we studied MLK Jr. and made their mini books, the students played Mix-Pair-Share to read their books to a partner. 

These books are included in the MLK Unit shown below.

Let's Get Crafty With MLK Jr. 
-Includes a reading passages with four comprehension questions, a sorting sheet with what MLK Jr. wanted and what he did not want, and also includes a writing page to write about what students have learned. 

Let's Write About MLK Jr. 

Resources highlighted in this blog post:

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