Second Grade Nest: Lesson Ideas for Native Americans

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Lesson Ideas for Native Americans

Teaching about Native American history is very important for primary grades. It is important for students to know what their country was once like! Teaching them about how life was different from today is very important. Here are a few ways to teach the history and social studies about Native Americans. 

Read Alouds: 
 When learning about Native Americans, its great for students to listen to stories and nonfiction texts. This helps to clear up any misconceptions they have had about Native Americans in the past. 
Here are just a few great reads about Native American life. 
Check your local library (sooner rather than later!) to see if you can stock up on Native American literature and informational text. Or stock up with these Amazon affiliate links to buy! 

Technology Available: 
With the growing popularity of integrating technology in every lesson, teachers need many resources. Here are a few to use with your Native American unit!
 (Source: Mission-US)
This website is great for interactive learning. It does require a login and password, so you will need to get that set up before the lesson. Check it out before you have your class work through it to see if it's what your kiddos will benefit from.
(Source: YouTube & Reading Rainbow)
This is a video of a book being read about Native Americans. There are pictures and videos being shown while its read. Great visuals. 
 (Source: Scholastic
Scholastic's Thanksgiving website has always been a great resource. This website gets more involved with Native American life after the Pilgrims get involved.

 Native American Learning Unit: 
This unit includes vocabulary, reading, research, writing, and even ELA and math practice pages.   
 The left image shows vocabulary pages and a vocabulary record sheet, as well as two general information passages with questions. 
The right image shows a tribe research page. These are popular tribes. These sheets are for you to allow your students to use (kid-friendly) research websites or books like The True Books above to find out more information about Native American tribes.

The image on the left shows math and ELA practice pages that include images or information about Native American. These are for if you plan to integrate your social studies cross-curricular. 
The right image shows two flip books, a matching game, and a mini book (available in color and black and white). These are just a few of the engaging learning activities in this unit. 
Buy it here! 

Get Crafty:
Here are a few cute ideas to get the kids coloring, cutting, and gluing while learning!    
A reading passage, comprehension questions, true and false sort, and a cumulative writing page.
This is such a great cooperative activity for the entire class. 
After learning about the totem poles and their purposes, this would be great.
These teepees are too cute. And how great would it be to create STEM/STEAM activities to build wigwams, longhouses, chickees, igloos, and more!
I love this activity for kiddos working with groups!

 My Resources from this blog post:      

As always, I truly hope you got a few ideas for teaching in your classroom! 
Happy Teaching!

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