Second Grade Nest: Veterans Day Activities for Elementary Students

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Veterans Day Activities for Elementary Students

Veterans Day is a very important holiday to teach and discuss with students. Some schools may hold assemblies and some may not. I loved our school's assembly. It always got me choked up watching all the veterans getting honored and applauded. Teaching primary students all about Veterans Day is a great way to start out their knowledge of respect and appreciation for our military. 

Chat about it....
Outlining what a veteran is is very important! Then, we can start to talk about what Veterans Day is and why we celebrate it.

Read about it....
After you introduce what Veterans Day is and why we celebrate it, make sure your lessons are educational. These two read alouds are great for students to learn more about our troops and other veterans that may have lost their lives at war.

These paired texts include one nonfiction text and one fiction text about Veterans Day. Students read, comprehend, answer questions, and compare texts. The two texts are one of the themed sets of November Paired Passages.
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Get Crafty....
If your school has an assembly for Veterans Day, make sure to get some Veterans Day artwork on the wall. Have students make posters saying Thank You or hand make cards. 
Educational crafts are great for hallway displays. Letting the veterans look through the hallway at what the students are learning about them will bring them joy and pride. 

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As always, I hope you left with a few ideas or inspiration for teaching Veterans Day!

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