Second Grade Nest: No Tricks, Just TREATS

Monday, October 26, 2015

No Tricks, Just TREATS

My friend Miss Kindergarten had a brilliant idea this week to bring you guys TREATS.
After all, it's a full moon AND Halloween this week. You deserve it. 
So I'm joining her to celebrate with you this week. There is a sweet treat in store for you every day this week! 

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Check out my Monday and Tuesday HALF OFF treats!
 My Zoofluency pack was my first fluency passages and centers pack that I made last year. Then, I added 7 more animal fluency passages and centers to create one huge bundle!
My Paired Passages are fiction and nonfiction texts with comprehension activities and writing activities. This is my non-seasonal packet! 

And my last sale for these two days is my Fall Close Reading! Each passages has four activities:  annotating text, answering comprehension questions, focusing on vocabulary, and a culminating writing activity. 

Check back on Wednesday for more treats! 

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