Second Grade Nest: Halloween Party Ideas

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Halloween Party Ideas

This year, Halloween falls on the weekend. We can all relax and sigh a HUGE sigh of relief. The day before Halloween can still be filled with fun treats and activities! 

Let's start with Halloween TREATS! 
I love giving my kiddos treats on the day of or before Halloween! Whether it's just a pencil or a piece of candy, they love gifts from their teachers. I stocked up on some Oriental Trading treats. Check them out here! 
(Disclosure: I received three products for review from Oriental Trading. All opinions are my own.)

 Check out these mini treat bags I'm making from Oriental Trading.

Let's start w/ these adorable treat bags. Count out the number needed.

They even sell these bags of candy I can order online and avoid the crowded aisle at the grocery store!  I'm giving each kiddo 2 or 3 each, then saving the rest for our treasure box! 

And finally, my favorite treats! 
These suckers are superhero suckers in the making.

The kiddos are going to love them.

These pencils are from the Dollar Tree! 
And I made these little cards on the go last year the morning of! Nothing like procrastination!

And how about some Halloween activities?
I gave the students three sheets of construction paper:  orange, brown, and black.
I, then, told them to construct a jack-o-lantern with no other directions. I got some really cute results.
We followed our art session up with some ghost stories from my Halloween Reading pack.

Here is a great science/STEM activity!
(Source: Lemon Lime Adventures)

And now it's party time! Check out this blog post. She writes about the different things to put in these boxes to feel like gross Halloween items!
(Source: Christina's Adventures)
(Source: My Life and Kids)

I have also always had parent volunteers come into the classroom. We set up stations around the classroom and let the kids trick or treat around the room. This makes it easier to pass out ALL. THE. CANDY. that is brought in that day (and way more fun, too!).

Hope you snagged a few ideas.

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