Second Grade Nest: Letter and Short Vowel Interactive Fun

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Letter and Short Vowel Interactive Fun

I have recently created two fun interactive flip book packs that I wanted to give you a look at! 
 These four page flip books give students practice with short vowels and letters! They are interactive, so each page engages the students with different activities, such as writing, finding, cutting, gluing, sorting, reading, and more! 

Check out the Letter Books first!! 

 Color and cut.

Stack and staple. 

Page 1: "Let's Find" 
Students will look for the given letter in a box of 32 uppercase and lowercase letters. They can highlight, color, or circle these letters.

Page 2: Let's Read
Students will read a sentence about each letter. There are three stars on each sentence for fluency. There is also a picture clue for students struggling with decoding. 

Page 3: "Let's Trace"
Students will trace uppercase and lowercase letters. Then, they will write a sentence about a word that letter starts with. 

Page 4: "Let's Sort"
Students will cut and glue pictures. They will need to sort each picture into two categories: words the begin with the given letter or words that do not begin the given letter.  

Now, check out the short vowel books! 


Color and cut. 

 Stack and staple. 

Add a crafty head and hands to make it look great on a wall or bulletin board.
Short a- Pam; Short e- Ned; Short i- Jill; Short o- Tom; Short u- Gus

Page 1: "Let's Write" 
Students will look at the short vowel pictures and determine how to spell them in the letter boxes.

Page 2: "Let's Sort" 
Students will read a group of short vowel words, then cut and glue them into the correct columns. They must determine if they are real or nonsense words. 

Page 3: "Let's Read" 
Students will read sentences with short vowel words within them, then find the picture that matches the sentence. This helps with short vowel decoding, plus comprehension.

Page 4: "Let's Build" 
Students will cut and glue letters for each short vowel picture that is shown, then practice their neatest handwriting while rewriting the short vowel words they just spelled. 

Grab these packs here!

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  1. Great ideas.Thank you so much for sharing these ideas.