Second Grade Nest: A One Week Peek at a Daily ELA Interactive Notebook

Thursday, September 17, 2015

A One Week Peek at a Daily ELA Interactive Notebook

 I love interactive notebooks in the classroom so much! My students have always loved them, too. 
Here is a peek at each day in one week for an E.L.A. Interactive Daily Notebook. 

Monday is the day that you're going to spend the most time on your interactive notebook. That is because it is the day you're introducing the text to the students AND they have to assemble them.
You can pre-cut the pieces if you want to save time. It's only three rectangles on one page for Monday and one rectangle for the rest of the week. The students will glue them in! 

 (Teacher version to introduce story)

 Tuesday is all about rereading for meaning. 
Also, we work on vocabulary! The interactive piece for today is vocabulary. It asks ONE question about vocabulary, but that is not limited to what you can do. Turn it into a mini lesson on other vocabulary within the text.

Grammar day! First students will reread their text. 
Then, students will rewrite the sentence correctly under the Wednesday flap. That is not limited though to all you can do. Write a few incorrect sentences on the board from the story and have students rewrite them on the board correctly or make editing marks on the board! 

Thursday and Friday
Rereading for meaning. 
Comprehension questions! 

And the finished product!

Want to try it out for your classroom? 
Grab it here

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