Second Grade Nest: Getting to Know Each Other- Tips and Activities

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Getting to Know Each Other- Tips and Activities

During the first two weeks of school, it's okay if you're not drilling the students with content all day, every day. Creating a positive, happy, and safe community is a huge importance that some may skip out on in order to start getting into the content.  
Yes, teachers have to follow curriculum maps and scope/sequences, but giving your kids 5-10 minutes a day to truly gain relationships with friends and with you will pay off 100% at the end of the year.

1. Let them get to know each other. 
Fun games and activities in the first few weeks of school may take 5-10 minutes of instructional time, but that's okay if you're successfully building a community in your classroom. Here are a few very quick games that your kiddos can play without taking too much instructional time away from your day.
(Source: Minds in Bloom)
 (Source: She's Crafty)
(Source: Mommies Hobbies)
(Source: Love Teaching Kids)

Have you ever heard of Kagan? He made several structures for cooperative learning. They're a staple in a classroom. It gives the students practice with communication, team building, and social skills.
We work through several of the structures in the first month of school. My kiddos love mix-pair-share and round robin!
 For a full pack on cooperative learning activities, click here!

2. Let them get to know you. 
Find your favorite teacher bag.
Fill it up with important things that describe you as a person. On the first day unload the bag and describe each item.
For example: Last year, I unloaded a picture of my family, a few books, pictures of the beach, running shoes, M&Ms, Kcups, half-marathon medal, my diploma, and more!
(Source: Yeehaw Teaching in Texas)
I love Sarah's idea of making a giant get to know you book.
(Source: Confessions of a Teaching Junkie)

3. Let them showcase themselves. 
Having a wall of 'all about me' crafts inside of the classroom is something that I have always done. On the first few days, the kiddos complete their all about me book craft and as they finish up, we put them on the wall. As they get added, the kiddos get to present their book to their classmates.

Or create a wall of portraits with NO names! It's a fun game to play in the class and when parents come in for Open House or Curriculum Night. 

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  1. I love these ideas! I think the Snowball idea is my favorite!