Second Grade Nest: Parent Communication- 2Gether We Are Better

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Parent Communication- 2Gether We Are Better

Um, that REALLY snuck up on me! It's time for Ashley and Angie's link up! 
This month is all about Parent Communication and my tried and true method is my OWL Binders. It's my absolute favorite! 

Organized While Learning
And that is certainly something that holds true. 
I'm teaching these kids how to organize themselves and become independent and I love it. 

The front of the binders! 
I hate to admit it, but I ran out of printer ink and didn't feel like spending another dime on it. I swear I've spent $200 just on ink this summer. So, I printed all the boys' binder covers on blue paper and all the girls' binder covers on pink/purple paper. They're 6 and 7! They don't judge! 

The first page they see is a binder contents sheet. 
Before any of the tabs, there is...
-table of contents

Here is the contract that teachers, parents, and students sign just promising that papers will be added daily by teachers and paper will be checked by parents. 

Rules that the kids sign

Then a little parent letter to let them know what the binder is for and what purpose is. 

Then we get to the tabs....

Each binder will need 4 tabs- label them with a Sharpie or make them cuter than I did and slip in those papers to label them with words. I was feeling like I needed something easy, so I just wrote on them with a Sharpie! To each their own....

But in those tabs...
-Section 1: Parent Section
-Section 2: O.W.L. Report (Our Weekly Learning) (Newsletters)
-Section 3: Homework Section
-Section 4: Behavior Section 

I REALLY wanted to show a picture of part of my parent section. I bought every kid a $1 zipper pouch that I stick notes to and from parents in. I stick thank you notes, reminders, important notes. Parents send money and transportation notes. The zipper pouch is a new plus I am really enjoying! And they are $1 or less at Walmart. 

In the behavior section, I put their charts, which look like this! 
The kids fill it out at the end of the day. I'll sign it while announcements are on and parents have to sign it each night. These are part of my behavior charts, which you can find here

Here is my outline of what I did last year to give you another idea of it! 

And now it is available as an EDITABLE document that you can use in your own classroom! 

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