Second Grade Nest: Money, Money, Money, Moneyyyyy

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Money, Money, Money, Moneyyyyy

Maybe I'm crazy, but I LOVE teaching money. It's so, so difficult, but once they get it, they love it! 
(Except for those tricky word problems. Those are a different story.)

When I teach money, I always follow this sequential order.
1. Identifying coins and coin worth
2. Adding coins together 
3. Solving money word problems- As you can see, I save the best for last.... ;-) 

Here is an anchor chart to start the kids out with identifying money.

1. Introduce Coins & Coin Worth
We start with our four coins. Sometimes, I'll throw in the half dollar and golden dollar just for fun if I feel like the kids are doing okay with the other four coins. We do a lot of studying the front, back, size, and faces of each coin. 

Here is a mini book for identifying a nickel.

Centers are always a great way to reinforce the skill. 

Interactive Notebooks are always a great supplement when learning our math topics. 
Great hands on! 

2. Counting Coins
Can you feel it? 
The stress...
It's here. Counting money is always very, very tough! 
Counting Money book STAYS in their school box so they can pull it out and read it on free time or early-finisher time! 

Counting money centers help with the fun, engaging aspect! 
I always laminate all my math centers so they can write ALL over it! 

I always start with counting LIKE coins first, then I move on to counting different coins. These pictures all show mixed coins. 

With math, it is never a good idea to print off a packet of math worksheets to teach students. But in centers, for homework, morning work, small group supplement, or early finisher work, they work out GREAT!

I use this type of printable for my challenge kids.
How many ways to make X¢. 

We do interactive notebook math activities about 2-3 times a week. It's always a great reinforcement for that skill. 

For counting money, it will take patience and practice! 

3. Money Word Problems
Here we are... The big time struggle.
Word problems on their own are hard enough. Money word problems are a different world.
This takes LOTS of guided practice and patience!  

Centers help because you can always group a struggling student with a student who gets it!
That way, while practicing, they are being taught by a peer. 

Grab these activities and MORE in my money pack! 

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