Second Grade Nest: French Lick Teacher Meet Up

Saturday, March 28, 2015

French Lick Teacher Meet Up

There is something super special about 100+ bloggers being in the same room together. 
Every meet-up I go to, I feel like I go home with a new wealth of knowledge and a bunch of new friends. Teacher bloggers are some of the most fun people I've ever met! 

This weekend in French Lick was no different. 
Holly' from Ms. Ehle's Kindergarten Connection and Brittany from Mrs. Bannister's Blog worked together to get everything organized for the 2nd annual meet-up. 
This could not have happened without them.
It also could not have happened without GoNoodle AND TPT. They helped support expenses for the amazing PJ Party we had on Saturday night. 
There were also a lot of goodies that were donated that I'll show you later on in this post!

I drove down with these lovely ladies! They were GREAT roommates, especially since I got really scared from all the French Lick ghost stories were shared at dinner. 
Christina from Miss DeCarbo, Sarah from Permanently Primary, and Lisa from Fourth and Ten.

Look at those little letters on the wall.
We all teamed off into groups and wrote about ourselves! 
We had to write our name, a word to describe ourselves, our favorite subject to teach, etc. 

My buddies Christina and Latoya from Flying High in First Grade and I waiting for the Teacher Toolkit Trade to happen!!

And I won Blair Turner papers! I was so excited when I opened up the gift.
Thanks to Heidi from Flippin for First for the amazing gift.  

Christina and I have grown really close over the last year. So glad the blogging world has brought us close! 

Another one of my faves is Jodi from Fun in First! 
I met Jodi for the first time last year in Vegas and I can not tell you how unbelievable sweet she is!

Then, we split off into table topics. 
I attended The Business Side of TPT, Facebook and Pinterest, and Twitter and Instagram. All very great sessions! Very informative! 

Did I mention that French Lick's hotel is absolutely gorgeous? 

And ooooh the raffles!
How amazing were these? We got to submit our names into five bags. Although my unlucky self didn't win anything, I'd still like to give a huge thank you to everyone who donated! 

 And now for the partyyyy!
We had a pajama party on Saturday night.
 While walking through the hotel, we found these sparkly slippers in the window of one of the gift shops. I'm pretty sure there were 2 slippers left when the bloggers got done in that store.

This idea was TOO cute! They set up pillow case making areas. There were a lot of bloggers getting little messages or signatures on their pillow cases. 

After a night of fun, we exchanged names so that each of us could write letters and send pick-me-ups to one of blogger. This is a fabulous way to keep motivation and morale up for all of us.

They ALSO had a photo booth that we of course had to take advantage of. 
Here are 4 of the 30 members of Primary Chalkboard. How much fun we had spending the weekend together. 

Some more fun from the night! 
I got to meet Sarah from Rocky Top Teacher! She is so incredibly sweet and very tech-savy. She was the leader of the Twitter session and she definitely inspired me to get working on mine! 
Oh, and then we went to the casino in our pajamas. Christina won $15! 

Did I mention this place is gorgeous? 

Best part.
Did I also mention we got some SERIOUS teacher swag?
Big BIG thanks to Erin Condren for the teacher planner, Scentos for our stickers and markers, TPT for our stickers, Vera Bradley for our tote, and GoNoodle for our lanyard (and sponsoring our PJ Party).

Here's the AMAZING part!
We're giving away SWAG Bags from the meet-up! You can win your very own bag!
Three lucky people will win. Enter here! 
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  1. Great to meet you Jessica! So glad you came to the meet up!! Looking forward to next year already!!

  2. That looks like a fabulous meet up! I may have to push myself to make it to the next one :)

    My Second Sense