Second Grade Nest: Currently March

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Currently March

Well, February is gone. Who knew a month could fly so fast. 
Here we are, March. I'm ready for all the fun things you bring! 

You find gems like this on 90s Pop Radio.  
I also highly suggest 90s R&B and 90s Hip Hop. Do you see a trend here? Good music stayed in the 90s. I need it back! 

No, this is NOT bourbon. Mitch and I did a bourbon distillery tour when we went to Louisville last month. And he bought me a souvenir mug. Haha! 

Actually in the cup: Panera Hazelnut K-Cup with Coffeemate Hazelnut creamer. 

No seriously... I'm over the winter. I liked it for a little bit, but now. It's March. It can't snow in March. Get out of here, snow! 

If you haven't noticed, my blogging posts are few and far between these days. It's been so hard to juggle it all. But my goal is to be much better about blogging in March! Here's hoping. 
Twelve blog posts written in 2015. TWELVE. I'm slacking on the job. 

Two baskets of laundry waiting. House needs a deep clean.
But it's Sunday and my pajamas and office are calling my name! 
My goal is to get half of these puppies done today, which means cleaning must wait. 
Set 4 of 1st and 2nd grade homework.
Quarters 1-3 are already waiting in the store, just wanting to badly to get bundled up with these two.

Spring Break Plans:
Not made yet, but I know I'll end up somewhere warm!
I'm thinking a beach or a cruise. 

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  1. Spring break = warmer temperatures! Hope you can enjoy your spring break away from that white stuff!


  2. I love the 90's station!! My husband and I break out into many karaoke sessions while listening to that station!! Have a great week!

  3. I am going to have to check out those 90s stations… I know I will love them!!!
    thanks so much for linking up!!!

  4. Love 90s music! Hope the snow stops soon! you are doing better then I am in the blogging department. I think I have 5 posts for 2015.

    Christina :)
    Apples, Books, and Crayons

  5. I love the 90s, and 90s music is AMAZING!! Thanks for the awesome suggestions on stations! I agree, staying in PJs is much better than cleaning. My husband was out pulling weeds, so I went out to help him. I may have been in my sweats. :) And by sweats I mean flannel pj bottoms! Hope you find somewhere warm to go!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 

  6. I am waiting for spring too! I like 90s music, but I fell in love with Spotify because I could make my own play lists. I do still use Pandora occasionally. Have you tried Spotify?

  7. 90s music is the best... maybe we should do karaoke this summer in Vegas? I can rap like NOBODY'S business! Just sayin'... can't wait to hear where you pick for spring break! :)
    Funky Fresh Firsties

  8. You'll have to share about what you decide for spring break! I'm eyeing your 1st grade homework packets, a bundle would be awesome. Have a super week, Jen