Second Grade Nest: CCSS Aligned Packs Part 1

Monday, March 9, 2015

CCSS Aligned Packs Part 1

I live in Kentucky, which was one of the first states to adopt Common Core. It is really all I know teaching-wise because I only had one year experience without Common Core. "Common Core Aligned" was the buzz phrase for several years and still continues to be. 
I thought I could make it easy for some of the newer states adopting CCSS and make some 1st and 2nd grade aligned packs.

First up, "RL" or Reading: Literature... 
There are 8 standards in the Literature domain. Grades 3 and above have 9 standards, but standard 8 doesn't apply until 3rd grade. 

I completed Standard 1, which is our most basic, essential standard: 
Ask and Answer Questions. 
Asking Questions has always been a really difficult area for my students. It is hard to teach the difference between fluff questions and questions that will really help us understand the text. 
Answering Questions has been the easier of the two, however, PROVING where they have found their answer from the text is the hard part.

In my CCSS: Ask and Answer pack, I start with 3 mini lessons that teach the students the difference between questions and sentences, how to ask a logical question, and how to find answers inside of text.

Mini Lesson 1: 
 Introducing Ask/Answer.
Read mentor text.
Turn and Talk partner sharing questions about the text.

Day 2 Mini Lesson:
Fold text in half, ask a question about the illustration with partner. 
Read text, then respond to partner's question. 

Mini Lesson 3: 
 Look at the title and illustration- write a question about the text.
Read the text.
Follow the highlight/color coding task cards.
Then answer questions using the text.

Here is what the entire pack will come with:



You can grab the first grade pack or second grade pack.
(Same stories and worksheets- 2nd stories and (some) questions are a little more complex.)

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