Second Grade Nest: Leveled Readers

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Leveled Readers

Anyone have readers all over the place? Some low kinder. Some high 3rd. 
I know as a teacher, I've never had a group of kids without huge gaps in their reading skills. So I've decided to try a new reading pack to help with this gap! 

Last year, during Daily 5 and small group, I ALWAYS had to keep a schedule for myself or I'd absolutely lose my mind! 
Using my small group template (FREEBIE ON GOOGLE DRIVE), I organized some spring readers! 

Rain, Rain is one of the stories in my Fold and Go leveled readers pack.
There are 3 levels: 
Square- Easiest Level- One simple sentence
Circle- Mid level- 1-2 sentences w/ a bit more difficult words
Triangle- Advanced level- 2-3 sentences w/ different sentence structure and more difficult words 

Here is one of the circle books in action! 


Flip page upside down so it's face down. 
Then fold into a hamburger. 

Fold again in half so that page 1 is on top! 
FOLD and GO! 



Here are each of the pages plus the question sheet. 

Click this image to grab the pack

Other leveled readers also available in my store!


  1. The freebie on google drive won't let me in. :( Can you help? Love the idea!

    1. Does this work now?

    2. It worked, but what is the difference between all of these different types of small groups- teacher time, guided reading, skill drill etc. Do you really meet with all of your kids each day and have that many different groups? Or am I just not understanding something correctly? It has happened before. :)

  2. Are you selling the fold and go's? I cannot find the link for them.

    1. The Fold and Go's are in my store! Click the image at the bottom of the post or click here!

      Also, could you check the small group sheet and let me know if it works! I think I fixed it. :-)

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  4. So excited about these! They look wonderful!