Second Grade Nest: American Symbols

Sunday, February 22, 2015

American Symbols

My kiddos LOVE the American Symbols unit. 
They always love to research and learn about the different symbols. I made a new ELA pack this year to supplement our research and learning. 

Anchor charts are always a great way to focus in on a mini lesson before teaching any content (science or social studies). 

Here is a look at the Statue of Liberty's work. 

Passage with text-dependent questions.
Have students highlight their answers in the text and restate their questions! 

Students should write facts in their fact sheet before their final informational writing text! 

And for fun... time for a flip book!! 

And here is a peek at working with all of the American Symbols: 

Mini book with FACTS. 
This is a great way to teach bullets and fact writing. I always tell my students when we use bullets, we can write our thoughts and phrases instead of full sentences. 


Click here to buy! 

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