Second Grade Nest: How I Teach Fluency In My Classroom

Saturday, January 10, 2015

How I Teach Fluency In My Classroom

I have been getting many questions about how I run my fluency classroom since the release of my Zoofluency and my Winter Animals Fluency

This is how I run it in my class.
If you have any tips I haven't included, I would LOVE to hear them! 

When I do my fluency, I run it during small group. This way, I know that the other students not working with me are on task and engaged with work. 
My small groups are split up into leveled groups. I used colored manila folders for each kid and kept their graphs and stories in the folders. Another option is to use colored binders for each group. 

One time only, you will need to print:
-Student binder covers (if you choose binders or manila folders)
-Nonfiction Graph
-Fiction Graph

Each week, you will need: 
-ONE student version in a page protector or laminated
-Class set of Teacher Version so you can do the fluency codes for each kiddo
-Comprehension questions for each student 
*Tip- Put the comprehension question on the BACK of the story so that they can prove where they found their answer by highlighting. Text evidence is a very important skill.**

**Rotate between Fiction Stories and Nonfiction stories every other week,
unless you are focusing on a nonfiction unit or a fiction unit and the passages match your unit. **

Before students are exposed to practicing the text, get their score as a 'cold read' so that they can see their growth by the end of the week. 

**I only graph their first and last read on this graph.**
Their mid-week reads can be recorded on the teacher copy of the story.

Fluency doesn't only have to be used during hot reads and cold reads.
I make sure that my students have a daily center focused on fluency!

Here are fluency packs for your classroom! 

Fluency Pack [Zoofluency]   Fluency- Winter Animals (Zoofluency Series)   Fluency Centers


  1. Thank you so much for this post!! This is something I struggle with and I know how oh so important it is... I am going to take these great ideas and implement them :-)

  2. Thanks for sharing your ideas! After reading this post, I've got done shopping to do!! ;)

  3. Are you able to make it through all your kids with the cold/hot read each week? Last year I was much better at the fluency assessments and graphing. This has inspired me to get back into it!

  4. Great post! I loved all the different ways your students are able to practice fluency throughout the week. At this point in the year for 1st grade I have so many readers who are making progress, but need to work on fluency. I just reorganized some of my groups around fluency for this next quarter so hopefully I can really target their needs. Thanks for all the ideas!

    First Grade Smiles

  5. Thank you for the post!! I am new to second grade and have been looking for a set of fluency passages so I am not searching every where to find them. Have you considered creating a higher level pack?