Second Grade Nest: July 2014

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Morning Routines

STILL haven't gotten into my room to get my stuff unloaded or set up, so I'm still living on Pinterest! 
Pinterest is a teacher's best friend in the summer! 

Today is all about my Pinterest-inspiration for morning work!

Ideas for morning routine: 

Pinterest source: Mrs. Willis' Kindergarten
Love me some anchor charts!! This is amazing for second grade because some kids are reading and some kids are not, so the picture and sentences really help! 

Pinterest Source: Growing Firsties
Ohhhh Lisa, how much I love you!! This pin is amazing! How perfect is this for my search for a morning routine. Click that link and read more!! 

Personal Image! 
Check in chart for students! Once they get in the classroom, they check on the chart so I can glance over at 845 and see who hasn't checked in for attendance. 

The clothespins and ribbon lunch tags are also a great addition. 
At my school, we had to give a number when we took attendance about how many lunches our cafeteria needed to prepare. On the front of the clothespin is the kids name and number code for lunch time.

Pinterest Source: ChartChums & 
Even better for non-readers!! 

My kids LOVE their morning work. 
On the back of my morning work, I put handwriting sheets where students have to fix the problems and rewrite the sentences with neat handwriting. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Five for Friday (July 25th)

Been a while since I've linked up for 5 for Friday! I haven't had much to blog about this summer. 
Still don't have too much! Can't wait until next week's 5FF because I'll finally have access to my classroom! 

So here are 5 things that happened this week!
WARNING: This is a crazy mix of random pictures. Like I said... don't have much. It's summer.

My birthday was the 19th. I have been out of town for two weeks and I flew in on my birthday. All I really wanted for my birthday was something low key. Mitch took me out to a really fancy dinner at Tony's steaks for my birthday and I had a family dinner the following day. 
I feel like a nerd- I rarely take selfies, but it was my birthday! 

I wish you could see Mitch's meal over there. He got the rack of lamb and I got a filet minon (sorry vegetarian friends). We ate at Tony's (as I mentioned) and there was a live smooth jazz band playing piano and saxophone while we ate. Good way to bring in 27.

Then the next day, this cuteness happened... 
I could not love my niece more! She kept peeking out over top of them because it was too dark when she had them on.  

At said family dinner.... my brother and I pulled a wishbone.
I wished for a new job to open up. ONE HOUR later, I got a phone call for an interview.
The NEXT DAY, I interviewed at a new school and an hour later I was offered the job.
I have a new job, friends! And it's in first grade again! Woo hoo!

My favorite thing to do is update my UGLY products from the start of my TPT career.
Yesterday, I updated my Find Someone Who FREEBIE... and now it is actually something I am not embarrassed about!

Grab the freebie here! 

I have been a busy girl with TPT lately.
I have actually realized that starting next week, I only have ONE DAY off before we start with our kids. I have new hire trainings for the district plus PD days plus moving/setting up my classroom.
Meaning- I have ONE day left of summer after tomorrow.
So, I've been working really hard to get some stuff done!
First things I've created since June!!! 

Totally random...
Mitch and I vowed to try new foods as often as we could this year. I've been very good about it because I'm usually REALLY picky. Just wanted to share our most recent find.

Starfruit! Isn't it the cutest?!

Check out other blogger's weeks!

Back to School Ideas

In the next few weeks, all bloggers are going to show a mass amount of back to school ideas. I'm starting today! I get to start moving into my new classroom on Monday, so I'll be blogging about classroom organization next week! For now, I'll just show you my plans for the first week of school.

If your Open House is after school starts, which mine has always been, this Guess Who game is a hit. Kids illustrate their self-portrait, color it, and glue it to their favorite color construction paper. 
When parents come in for Open House, they have to figure out which illustration is their children's. 

Another self-portrait display is one for the hallway for the school to see. 
This hallway display has two printables ready to be cut and glue. It has an All About Me section plus an area for a self-portrait!  

And yes, that says MmmBop! 

Both of these displays are part of my Back to School On-the-Go! 

These printables are ALSO included in my BTS On The Go...

Coming soon:
Classroom setup and organization tips! 

Reader's Theater for the Year

Reader's Theater was a HIT in my classroom last year. We used it at least twice a week. 

Oh, my!! I LOVE this puppet theater.
Rowdy in Room 300 posted this on her blog and I cannot wait to make it. 
I love using Reader's Theater in the classroom. My Reader's Theater packs have character cards for headbands, but I totally want to put them on craft sticks now and let them act it out in the puppet theater! 

These are the headbands that we have always used. 
Another option: put them on craft sticks!! 

Reader's Theater process in my classroom: 
-Group children in tiered groups so the higher students can help the lower students.
-Assign each student a part.
-Groups work together to practice their lines 4-5 times. 
-I then partner 2-3 groups together and assign who presents first, second, and third.
-After the groups have performed their plays, I tell them all to trade scripts and they start over.

I always have 5-6 different stories a day for the groups so they aren't all doing the same thing.
[Keep track of what groups do what scripts so they aren't doing the same story all the time.]

Practice, practice, practice.

Practice makes perfect. 

Learning their scripts. 

Performance time! 

Performing for their teacher! 

Groups performing for each other! 

Love the enthusiasm in the group watching! 

My Reader's Theater comes with highlighted scripts and headbands. 

A big question I get about my Reader's Theater is if the highlights show through if you print it black and white. When you print black and white, they show up gray. If you are okay with gray, it's perfectly fine to leave it that way. You students should still be able to find their lines. However, I like having parent volunteers or even responsible students to help out during free time. 



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