Second Grade Nest: May 2014

Friday, May 30, 2014

Five for Friday (May 30)

Another week has gone by! 
And yes, I realize that the last time I blogged was for the last Five for Friday.
It's been busy! 

Here are five great or random things that occurred this week! 

I took Athena to the park and let her walk around the soccer and baseball fields. 
The playground was just too busy! We had to come to the park because the zoo was packed and we couldn't even find a parking spot on the road near the zoo!! 

Our day 6 balloon pop was Surface tablets time. I was actually really worried about this one because we have never used our Surface tablets before AND most of the students had never used Windows 8 before... I know how long it took me to adjust to Windows 8, but I told the kiddos if they wanted their full time on the tablets, they had to follow step by step rules for getting on the tablet.
They were awesome. They all got on within five minutes.
They played on MobyMax for about 20 minutes, then I let them have some free time on ABCYa.

Field Day! I didn't get many pictures, but we had a great time at field day. 
After beautiful weather and lots of team building games, we had Kona Ice from the truck! 
This is a shaved ice truck that drives around and you can rent them out for parties. 
Very fun day! 

Finished up my pots for my room moms. I blogged last week about getting the pots ready.
My mom helped me plant these the correct way. I'm not a gardener, so I didn't want to mess anything up. We drove to the school this week to fix up the flower pots.
I think they turned out super cute! 

And a fun little bit.... I started my week off on the right foot. 
TPT actually started my week off on the right foot!!
I was Featured Teacher on their weekly newsletter! 

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Fun for Friday (May 23)

What a week!!! 

1. Started off with a wonderful blogger meet up in Northern Ohio at Gervasi Winery.
Christina DeCarbo from Second Grade Sugar and Spice organized it all! 
The rest of us were...
Amanda Nickerson from One Extra Degree
Lisa from Fourth and Ten

2. Starting our memory books....
We started this week. We still have two weeks left, but I figured if the kids did 1 or 2 pages a day that would be better than all in one week. 

I am mixing two products in one for my memory books.
I am using my writing sheets from my K-5 Memory Book and interactive pieces from my Flip Book Memory Book

3. Balloon Rewards!! 
Last year, I posted about doing balloon rewards and my second graders fell in love.
I HAD to do it with my first graders, too! 

4. Teacher Organizing Binders
I cannot wait to get these printed out and start organizing. 

I made 3 different sets so far! 

Here is the polka dot set....




5. And for my final Five for Friday post....
Happy Survival, teachers.
I have 7 days left with kids, then 4 training days after that...
That equals 12 days until my summer vacation (which actually is interrupted by 2 weeks of summer gifted/talented camp teaching) AH!!! 

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Creative Teaching Press New Stuff

Remember that wonderful giveaway I had going on with CTP?
The winner is....
(Email was sent to let you know!)

All the wonderful winners and even you guys who entered and didn't win can grab the NEW stuff! 
These products are due into CTP's warehouse any day now! You were the first blog readers to hear it first and it is almost here, so you'll be the first to snag it! 

Go shopping now!! 

Creative Teaching Press

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Bright Ideas- End of Year Gifts (All Grades)

I love giving gifts at the end of the year! 
Here are a few ideas for gifts this year....

Two gift idea for the kiddos:

1. Wordles
These wordles are free to make. The frames are $1 from the Dollar Tree.
Making a unique one for each kid really makes them feel special.
One idea to try- have the students write one or two adjectives about each of the kids in the class, then use those adjectives in their Wordle!

$1 document holder

2. Picture Frames
Pictures were printed from my printer at home. If printed at a store, it costs about $5. The frames are from the Dollar Tree for $1! It isn't the fanciest thing, but the kids love that they have a forever memory of their teacher!

$1 Frame
Card Stock
Puffy Paint

One gift idea for parents:
For all our wonderful parents.... we appreciate you.
I will be putting a plant in these pots with a gift card to show my gratitude for my room moms!

$4 pot from Michaels
Acrylic Paint
Puffy Paint

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