Second Grade Nest: Five Great Things!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Five Great Things!

This week has been a rough one. Just getting over the flu last week and now I have strep! 
I have been stressed and sick, but I am still blogging about five great things! 


I'm going to give you a peek into my goal setting binder for all data and assessment 
Our school has a school wide data book for each student. Most keep them in a folder, but they were all getting torn up, so I stuck them in a 3 ring binder and it's much easier to keep up with. 

Credits to Haley O'Connor for the fabulous binder covers! 

(Left) I didn't have 24 binder tabs on hand, so I seperated each kiddo with a post it. I really love the post-it system. Cheap way to sort through my binder. 
(Right) This is our MAP recording sheet. We set our 2nd grade BOY goal  before we took it. I conference with each kiddos before the tests to set goals.

These are our goal setting sheets for each of our math and reading assessments. Before each common assessment, we set a personal goal (5% higher than last assessment) and conference afterwards to discuss if they met their goal. 


Morning Work for 2nd Grade  Morning Work for 2nd Grade

Grading my kids morning work has made me laugh so hard! I love when they have an opportunity to write what is in their brains and not what they've read in a book. 
Corinne says that "My classroom looks like a beauty shop".
Piorro also asked me, "Ms. Tobin, what does it mean to vogue?" To which I responded, "Uhhh, it's when you strike a pose." 
Both pages are from my second grade morning work


Go now!! Load up on Christmas gifts. 
Scholastic has several $1 options for your students Christmas presents. 


We started our unit on Matter this week.
NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) focuses on creating experiments to show reversible and ireversible changes between states of matter, but I need to back way up. My kiddos need a lesson on the three states of matter! 
I am using Christina DeCarbo's pack on Matter, which covers both the 3 states of matter plus a few experiments on reversible changes. 

  observable properties science anchor chartmatter science anchor chart 
A few anchor charts we have made to help us with this unit!
My classroom gets a crazy angle of the sun setting, so all my anchor charts fade when I use my blue and pink markers, so most of my anchor charts have become dark green, red, and orange because they don't fade! 

And here is another anchor chart we have been working with this week! 
HARD topic. Half my class gets it, half my class looks at me like I have five heads! 
It's a work in progress... The poem helps, though.
double digit subtraction regrouping anchor chart


We used one of these sheets for our Jack and the Beanstalk comparisons. 
It went great for the students! Finding the similarities was fun!

We are going to dive into character traits next week while comparing both stories. 
compare and contrast free worksheets

compare and contrast free worksheets

Grab the lovely freebies here! 
compare and contrast free worksheets

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