Second Grade Nest: Five Fabulous Things This Week!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Five Fabulous Things This Week!

Five for Fridays always make me feel better about my week.
By Friday, I feel like this...
I. Am. Tired. 

So, this post always makes me feel more successful! 

[ONE] Survived Flu and Strep


Well, this is how I started my week... 
Got strep throat the week after the flu.... So this doctor's office has become quite familiar to me. 
But I'm thankful for medicine that works FAST. I was able to yawn, eat, drink, and swallow within 2 days. 

[TWO] Emergency Sub Plans

While I was out with strep, I left some of my Chrismtas printables and Christmas reading packets for the sub... Well actually, my friend Karissa copied them all for me after I emailed her sets, since I couldn't get out of bed with a fever (I know, I'm pathetic...)

SO here are my Emergency Sub Plans that actually turned out quite nice. The students loved the packets! 

For math, the kids had a math practice packet!


For our Needs Based Learning Block, they read a grade level text and answered questions! 

And for my reading block, they read my Reindeer Paired Passages and compared the fiction and nonfiction texts. I had some students who never want to work give me some great quality work! 

(Sorry it's sideways)



[THREE] Math Centers

We don't normally get to do math centers, so I'll consider the first 30 minutes an absolute success, but then my rowdy class got a little carried away. But most of their math was complete! And they said they really had fun with the centers. That was music to my ears. 

[FOUR] Random Wednesday Date Night

Gotta love Groupon! 
I bought a coupon to a hibachi grill months and months ago. 
Mitch got sushi. ICK! And I got shrimp and chicken hibachi combo. YUM! 

[FIVE] Homework Posted

New homework packs are ready for 3rd quarter. I have to have report cards by next Friday, so new quarter starts on the first day after winter. Barely made that cutoff! Sorry friends who are using it! 


[SIX] Christmas Ornaments
They aren't finished YET! 
I'll post more next week! Here is a sneak peak! 

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