Second Grade Nest: Christmas Party PREP!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Party PREP!

Step 1- Create the assembly line...

Pencils and erasers for the Dollar Tree and Target Dollar Spot

Books for $1 from Scholastic! 

Yoobi Treats!!! 
Check out Yoobi's amazing story! 

And we are all set!! 

Step 2- 
Write names in books! 

Step 3-
Grab pencils, erasers, book, assembled Yoobi packs, and individualized book! 
Put into 12/$2 gift bags! 
Staple and go! 

Now, moving on to parent crafts....
We made our parents Christmas Tree ornaments
(which I actually turned into magnets)!! 

Step 1- 
3 craft sticks (Paint green- finger paint with red dots)
1 half sized craft stick (Paint brown) 

Step 2-
Teacher job... Take picture and develop
Student job... Cut picture out around head and shoulders then glue to green paper

Step 3-
Teacher job... Hot glue their sticks onto their pictures

Step 4-
Put tape on the back because when the craft sticks are cut in half, they can get sharp and splintery. 

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