Second Grade Nest: 2015 Resolutions Linky

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

2015 Resolutions Linky

I can't believe it is time to set goals for 2015!
Look back last year for 2014's goals HERE.

There is nothing better than setting resolutions and goals to keep yourself on track. 
Looking back at my goals for last year, I think there are a few I need to revisit.

And I want you guys to join me!
Grab the images and create your own post!

Grab the graphics throughout this blog post.
Copy/paste the big 2015 Resolution page into a PowerPoint slide (blank copy at the bottom).
Add your writing and save as a jpeg and bring back into your blog post.

Then, copy/paste the headers throughout the post and write underneath! 
You can do both options, or just one of them! 
Have fun with it! 
More directions on the bottom!!

To get your blank template, look at the bottom of this blog post with more directions! 

Now, here are the goals to write about! 

Professional goal for my career:
Look into becoming an RTI specialist or a Curriculum Instruction Coach for next year! 
I'd love to work as a Literacy Coach! 

Professional goal for First Grade Nest:
Blog 3 times a week.
Create 3 products each month. 

Travel, travel, travel.
My boyfriend's job allows him to have a month off in the summer, so I'd love to take a long trip and see some new places! 

Experiment in cooking. 
Cooking shows are my favorite thing to watch, so I'm going to put that to good use and start experimenting. 

I haven't been out west. I've visit California and Nevada, but only for Vegas and L.A. I'd like to see some of the unique attractions out west! 

Sushi... I'm an adult. I need to get over my fears of raw fish.
No one has died from it, so I have no reason not to at least try it.

Since I failed to learn all about my goal from last year, I'm pulling a repeat. 
I want to learn more about the business/accounting side of my TPT world. 

I am struggling this year at my current job with being anxious at all times. I need to stop worrying about things and let God help me find peace of mind.

I feel like I'm always on the go and feeling like I'm never doing enough. That may have something to do with the fact that I'm at a new school AND I blog/create TPT so my job is never done.
But I need to find more me-time in 2015 to make sure I don't lose my mind. 

My 2nd half marathon! 
I ran my first in 2012 and absolutely killed my right knee, however, Mitch bought me some KT tape for my birthday, so I think that'll really help. I'm going to start training January 1st! 

Your turn! 
There are two parts to this linky party.

Part 1:
One involves copying/saving a blank template and writing in your responses using PowerPoint.
Here is the blank template to write in your resolutions.
Copy and paste this template into PowerPoint, size it up, add your textboxes next to each resolution. Save as a jpeg, Link it back into your blog post! 

Part 2:
The other part of this linky party involves copying/pasting the headers into your blog post and writing underneath just like I did!
Just scroll through my blog post and grab the ones you like!
Copy/paste directly into your blog post!

Then come back HERE and link up your blog post!


  1. Good luck on all of your goals and resolutions for 2015. It looks like we have a similar professional goal to become a curriculum coach. My favorite food is sushi, so I definitely think you should give it a try. I have found that albacore has the least fishy taste. Also, if you like spicy food there are many great rolls involving spicy tuna or spicy albacore.

  2. Thanks for your linkup! It was a great distraction this afternoon. Happy New Year! :) WAHOO!

  3. Thanks for hosting this linky, I love reading about other bloggers. Merry Christmas!
    Smarticle Particles

  4. I am TOTALLY with you about wanting to give up being anxious all of the time. It must be the teacher in us :) Hope you can find some "ME" time over your break and relax a little :)
    The Techie Teacher

  5. Come visit me in Cali and I will take you to DELICIOUS sushi!!!

  6. Thanks for the linkup! Made me think about things that really needed thinking about. :)

  7. A great idea for a linky. You have motivated me to think about some goals! I too would love to become a literacy coach, learn more about TpT and blog more. Thanks for the link up and have a happy 2015 and good luck!

  8. You should come to Oregon!!! Probably not as fun as Cali, but that's my vote. :) Thanks for the great linky.

  9. What a fun linky! I needed to take some time to think about my goals for the year. You should definitely head out west! We used to live in Washington state and so we had the chance to explore out there. Many wonderful places to see! Have a wonderful 2015!

    Mrs O Knows

  10. This Linky might be my favorite one yet! Your goals are wonderful and kinda inspiring. I'll be interested to see the progress you make in 2015. Hope you don't mind I'm joining in on the fun!


    Ride Away With Mrs. Ridgway

  11. Absolutely love this linky party! I love reading about your goals as well as everyone else's goals! Happy New Year!


    The Chronicles of a Teacher