Second Grade Nest: Zoofluency

Monday, November 17, 2014


My. Kids. Read. Like. Robots. 
I made this fun and engaging pack to try to help rid them of these robot voices.

Fluency activities ALL about the zoo animals!


Here is the clean unnumbered copy for the kids.
I suggest laminating this or putting it in a clear pocket protector so that all kids can use this one copy. Saves paper! 

Here is the fun part! 
In the past, I have been taught with running records just a few symbols.

/ slash through a word they miss
/ with a SC on top if they miss it, but fix it (not incorrect anymore)
] around the last word they read. 

After one minute, put a bracket around the last word they read. 
Count the words they got wrong.
Subtract it from the words they read in one minute. 
There is their total WPM! 

When doing running records, I always start with red for try #1.
Yellow/green for try #2.
And blue for try #3.

This may not make sense because I do my fluency graphs with blue first and red second for hot/cold.
However it works in your classroom, do it that way! 

Closer look at the ] bracket.

Closer look at the / for incorrect words.
In this case, the child never read problem correct on their 3 reads.

Closer look at the / with SC at the top.
They got it wrong, but fixed it. This makes it correct. 

And questions for the end of the week to ensure and emphasize the importance of reading fluently WITH MEANING! 

^All that was just for the fluency passages.^
Now take a closer look at the WHOLE PACK!!


  1. Do you have other grade levels? Are your psgs DRA leveled?

  2. I love your pack and have it ready to go after the break! Quick question - how far apart do you have a student do a fluency read, for all three reads to be completed for one passage?

  3. I have the same question as Shanasi. Do you have your students do all 3 readings in a row with you recording progress? Or do they do the three readings on three separate days?