Second Grade Nest: Homework in the Classroom

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Homework in the Classroom

Here is how I run homework in my classroom.

Students go home with a homework folder on Monday.
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I suggest going with the plastic covered ones. They tend to stick around and stay in one piece the longest! 

In my homework folder, on the left side, students put their assignment list and their reading log on the left side. 

Then on the right side is their homework sheets. 

Math is always on Monday.

"L&F" as we call it in my room... Language and Foundations on Tuesday.

SORRY SIDEWAYS... (Hey Blogspot, get a flip image button!)
Reading is on Wednesdays! 

And writing in on Thursday nights.

Students turn in their homework folders on Friday mornings. 
I usually grade them over the weekends, but if they turn them in on Friday with all four sheets completed, they get TWO CLIP UPS on our behavior chart! 

These sheets can be found in my 2nd grade 2nd Quarter set.

Now, tell me! 
How do you do homework? 

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  1. Still trying to figure it out... Kinda depends upon the class I have... I have done one sheet that covers the whole week ELA on the front and math on the back to daily that matches what I am teaching... Love this idea though and we are using your Morning Work :-) The school that I am in the kiddos have no assistance at home at all so whatever I give has to be something that they do completely independent.

  2. What a great post! I am liking the folder idea and the opportunity to have a week to conquer everything!!

  3. I give math almost daily, practicing the day's lesson. Some kids need that extra practice to "get it."