Second Grade Nest: 5 for Friday

Friday, November 7, 2014

5 for Friday

Yay! Linking up with 5 for Friday to review 5 great things from my week. Sometimes I get too busy to review 5 great things, but I got them today! 

I finished up my Thanksgiving Interactive ELA unit this Tuesday because I had the day off. After working on lesson plans, I finished this up and bundled a few products together! 






After that was complete, I started bundling! 

We had our Walk-a-Thon this week. We raised over $3,000! 
An hour of walking around our school with candy pumping through their veins was difficult, but worth it! 

Zoo visit with the family! 
I spent Sunday with my family at the zoo. Mom, brother, niece, and I went to Cincinnati Zoo and it was so empty. What a fun experience to walk the zoo when it's empty. Athena ran circles in the nocturnal house! 


That picture of the lion looks magical with the sun rays! 

Brother and niece. Perfect! 

Monday was a very happy day for me! My Paired Passages set was complete and uploaded! 
We are starting to incorporate it next week in the classroom and I cannot wait! 


I'm posting this on my Facebook after school today.
It's too fitting.
Don't you agree that this should be NOVEMBER and December? 

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  1. Ha Jess! I love that meme! Looks like you had a great week. I'[m so glad! It was a full moon long kinda week but it's the weekend so yay! Love ya girl!
    Teaching and Much Moore

  2. Totally cannot wait to purchase your Thanksgiving unit for 2nd grade. It is going to be a lifesaver for my Social Studies unit this month!!!