Second Grade Nest: Tieks Review (+Giveaway)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tieks Review (+Giveaway)

About 2 months ago, I started a search for comfortable, but cute teacher shoes. I asked all teachers I knew, but everyone was giving me the same answers:  shoes that were absolutely comfortable, but maybe didn't match my exact style! I kept searching and looking in stores. 
That's when I discovered Tieks! I have always heard my teacher bloggy friends discussing them, but I never thought about it because I'm not a big online shopper. However, I decided since I was having such a hard time finding decent teaching shoes that weren't giving me backaches and sore legs, then maybe Tieks were the way to go.

So, I hopped online and start shopping. 
I decided to go for a plain pair for my first pair just so I can match it with the most outfits. 
Black Matte Tieks in my shopping cart. I was taking the plunge.

And ladies, I did NOT look back.
I am in love with the shoes. I am so glad that I invested in these shoes.

So many adorable uses for that cute bow it comes with. 
I felt like a kid on Christmas unwrapping my present. 

SO versatile! I can fold them up and put them anywhere.
Tieks even sent a little baggy for me to put my shoes in. I can throw this in my teacher bag when I'm feeling brave enough for boots or heels, but know I won't make it until my planning hour! 

Check out this adorable baggy for  storage! Just fold and stuff! 

My first day with my Tieks. 
I tried them on and took one thousand pics of them. 

And here are my Tieks after 8 hours on my feet while teaching my darlings.
(And yes, I'm aware the lighting makes my feet look funny and two-toned. Just ignore that!)

Next up: 
Chestnut Brown and Cardinal Red
These are in the shopping card for the next time I buy online! 

Do you remember last month when I posted a blog post about keeping teacher stress to a minimum and how to put yourself first. Splurging on yourself should be added to the list!
 I love them so much, I am giving away a gift card for you to put towards a pair for yourself! 
Go ahead! Spoil yourself.

[Disclosure: Tieks has not sponsored or funded this giveaway.]

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  1. They look great on you! I've been wanting to splurge. :)

  2. So cute!! Pretty sure these need to live on my feet. Someday!


  3. I took the plunge this year with the exact same pair and have the red ones in my cart too!!! This would help me fund my next pair ;)

  4. Love all the colors! I can't believe there is that much comfort in a tiny little shoe! Wow!

  5. I've been wanting a pair, but they just don't seem like they'd have much support. I have no doubt they're comfy, that's obvious, but how about the support after wearing them for day after day??