Second Grade Nest: Interactive Writing

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Interactive Writing

Coming at ya from Starbucks this morning!
Blogging and Starbucks brings me much joy! 
Today's blog focuses on interactive writing pieces. Check them out!

The three sets you'll see are for the 3 standards in common core.
If you are a non-CC state, these are still important skills to hit with your students! 
You'll see informational writing, opinion writing, and narrative writing below. 

Opinion Writing: 
Students pick the topic they like better, cut it out, write reasons why they like it better, add an introduction and conclusion, then transfer it over to a final draft. 




Informational Writing: 
Students pick the topic they want to research, spend time researching with books or the internet, write 3 facts, add a conclusion and introduction, then transfer it into a final draft. 





Narrative Writing:
Students cut three pictures out and arrange them into a way that makes sequential sense for their narrative story. They'll write their beginning, middle, and end, then rewrite it into final draft mode. 

Sorry, it is sideways! 

ALL of these packs come with primary line option or intermediate line option.


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