Second Grade Nest: Five for Friday

Friday, October 17, 2014

Five for Friday

Five things that happened to me this week...
And here I go! 

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I'm finally adjusting to the way my new school works. It's SO different from what I am used to. Here is a peak at two things that are new for me. 

Targets: WAY more focus! 
I am used to posting them on Monday, reading them on Monday, and not really looking into them until Friday (or end of unit), where we check for success. 
At my new school, we focus on targets every single day, we talk about power verbs, identify and define tricky words (such as main idea in the idea below), and even do some phonics and foundations at the same time. 
It definitely helps.

Interactive Notebooks: WAY more structured.
I'm used to doing my phonics INB or reading response INB or Blair's math INBs. My new school calls these ICNs for Interactive Content Notebooks. 
There is an INPUT and OUTPUT for each entry.
Input is our guided activity where we look at a graphic organizer or anchor chart (usually from Pinterest). Output is our short answer response, with a constructed short answer! 
Our entire school uses this format. 
Target is always written at the top of each page.

Input options: 
Graphic organizer or anchor chart image 

Short answer or constructed response

Regrouping.... I have NOT missed you! 
They either get it, or they don't.
Am I right? It's either simple, easy-peasy. 
Or it is the most confusing concept kids have ever heard of. 

I will be busting out my Double Digit addition centers next week to help us practice! 

Shame on me... I've been using an IKEA chair for my computer chair for years. 
It was hard, uncomfortable, and gave me extreme backaches, especially when I spend time working on making TPT products.
I decided I needed an office chair. I went to Staples and splurged. 
I highly suggest it!! 

Personal life fun... I have had a busy week! It was my fall break, so I had Friday and Monday off.
Here are some of the fun things I did. 
To celebrate Mitch's birthday, we spent our day outside.
We started our day with a 20 mile bikeride on the Loveland bike trail.
It was amazing! It was the best fall weather, too! 

We rented two bikes from a bike store and went on our way. 

We rode by this spooky abandoned warehouse. Oh my goodness, I was in awe and I have NO idea why. I loved it, haha! So spooky for Halloween. 

We also went to Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse for dinner. Amazing! 
Happy birthday, Mitch! 

I took some time out of my day for a total house clean... 
This involved cleaning my Keurig. If you haven't done so in a while, do it. My coffee is better than ever. But schedule a big chunk of your day for this! It took forever! 

I also spent time with this little nugget! 
I'm in love! 

My friend came up for the weekend.
We went downtown, to the aquarium, to King's Island, and to the casino.
It was a blast! 

And of course, some coffee and TPT time. 

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  1. I don't know that I've ever deep cleaned my keurig...I didn't know I was supposed to!! I am so intrigued by the focus on targets at your school- do you think it helps the kids to be more structured?