Second Grade Nest: Classroom Reveal (Oh, so late!)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Classroom Reveal (Oh, so late!)

It's me! I'm crawling out from under my teacher desk to FINALLY blog. It's been almost a month. Huge apology to blog readers everywhere. Back to school at a new school has kicked my butt! 
But I'm super excited to blog and finally show my room off... a month later. 

Here is my room from the door.

And a look at my word wall, calendar, and target wall.
(Update: I'm about to remove my word wall and find a new place. I really, really want that white board space!)

Cozy little library

Inspiration signs from Creative Teaching Press

Our cubbies. 
(Update: Love, love, love this unit, but I have taken out the buckets and used it for textbooks and papers. The buckets were just getting in the way!) 

Table buckets and table labels. 

Here is a look at the bucket under the table label. 

Full shot

LOVE my carpets. Garden Ridge for $30 a piece...
Ignore the teacher trash in the top corner. 

This is my teacher desk. 
My new school likes more student area, less teacher area. I turned my guided reading/small group table into my teacher spot. Two purposes! 

Open House
I didn't have a huge turnout for open house, but I was organized! 
I used Dollar Tree picture frames to put directions and a welcome sign. I also used little owl notepad papers for even more directions! 

I used printouts from my Back-to-School On-The-Go pack. 


  1. Love the clean look. I teach 2nd grade this year too! :)

  2. Love that green rug! Your room looks so light and airy!

  3. Switching schools can be a tough transition. Your room looks great- very clean and organized. Can't wait to read about your school year!