Second Grade Nest: TPT Conference in Las Vegas

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

TPT Conference in Las Vegas

If you are a blogger or TPT seller, or even just a teacher, you need to go to the SDE/TPT conference in Las Vegas next year. I had the time of my life. Met all the 'e-friends' I have talked to over the last several years and met new sellers and bloggers that I had never met before. 

Warning: photo overload! But I love them all.

Two of the four hours of my plane flight looked like this...
Then I found Laura (Funky Fresh Firtsties) and Anna (in the the front lobby! 

Our first dinner...where water cost $7...

Drinks with Amanda (One Extra Degree), Christina (Second Grade Sugar and Spice), and Greg (Kindergarten Smorgasboard)! 

Corinna from Surfin' Through Second
Jodi Southard from Fun in First! 

Primary Chalkboard and our Go Noodle Girls!! 

My GIRL! Christina Decarbo! 

Another one of my GIRLS!! 
Latoya Reed (Flying Through First)

Sarah Kirby (Permanently Primary) and Vicky Moore

Valerie (All Students Can Shine)

Melissa (First Grade Smiles) 
Alyssha (Teaching and Tapas) and Tamara (Mrs. Russell's First Grade)

Rachellllllle! (What the Teacher Wants & For Blogness' Sake)
Hadar Moar (my twin) (Miss Kindergarten)

Deanna Jump!!!! (Mrs. Jumps' Kindergarten)

Tamara, Tammy & Christy (Fluttering Through First), Corinna (Surfin' Through Second), Traci (Dragonflies in First), and me

Deedee Willis (Mrs. Willis Kindergarten)
Oh, and Jen Bengel photobombing! 

Naomi O'Brien (Read Like a Rockstar)

Here are some of my sessions...

Amanda and Rachelle presenting me some amazing knowledge!!! 

Karen Jones (Ms. Jones Kindergarten), Amanda Nickerson, me, Jen Bengel, and Heather (2 Brainy Apples)

Jen JONES! (Hello Literacy)

Beatles Show!

Some candids!

'Ussie' of Vicky Moore and me

Cheryl (Primary Graffiti)

Panoramic of the keynote! 

Amy and Paul of TPT

Deanna and John of TPT

Jen Bengel recording it all! 

Some of the amazing ladies I spent my week with!


Shoving it all into my suitcase! 

TpT's next millionaire! 
Rachel Lynette! 

The founder of TPT- Paul! 

Jen, Heather, Kimberly Geswein, and me!
Download her KG fonts!!! 


Hadar and me- twins! 


  1. Looks like you had a great time!!!! Do you teach first grade now? I used to teach 2nd but now teach 1st. My twin sister teaches second and loves it. Love all of your pics. So jealous girl!!

    Kristy from,
    Teaching Times 2

  2. Looks amazing!!! So lucky you went... thanks for sharing and amping us up!!