Second Grade Nest: Morning Routines

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Morning Routines

STILL haven't gotten into my room to get my stuff unloaded or set up, so I'm still living on Pinterest! 
Pinterest is a teacher's best friend in the summer! 

Today is all about my Pinterest-inspiration for morning work!

Ideas for morning routine: 

Pinterest source: Mrs. Willis' Kindergarten
Love me some anchor charts!! This is amazing for second grade because some kids are reading and some kids are not, so the picture and sentences really help! 

Pinterest Source: Growing Firsties
Ohhhh Lisa, how much I love you!! This pin is amazing! How perfect is this for my search for a morning routine. Click that link and read more!! 

Personal Image! 
Check in chart for students! Once they get in the classroom, they check on the chart so I can glance over at 845 and see who hasn't checked in for attendance. 

The clothespins and ribbon lunch tags are also a great addition. 
At my school, we had to give a number when we took attendance about how many lunches our cafeteria needed to prepare. On the front of the clothespin is the kids name and number code for lunch time.

Pinterest Source: ChartChums & 
Even better for non-readers!! 

My kids LOVE their morning work. 
On the back of my morning work, I put handwriting sheets where students have to fix the problems and rewrite the sentences with neat handwriting. 


  1. I love the book bin picture. I am going to start sending a book home each week in a pouch like those. I wasn't sure how I would keep up with the organization of it. I love how the bin had different color sections so the students could put their book pouch in the bin, in the correct spot for their group. Thanks for sharing the picture!

    Ms. King's Kinders

  2. Girl - I love YOU right back!!!!!! Thanks for the shout out!!!
    Muah!!! Lisa
    Growing Firsties