Second Grade Nest: Art Class Day 3

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Art Class Day 3

Halfway done today! 

Our two books we focused on: 
-Rainbow Fish
-Bad Case of the Stripes

The kids loved their self-portraits. 
They were astonished that they'd cover their own works of art in stripes. 

We started with white construction paper.
Then the kids drew their faces with a pencil, followed up with Sharpies to trace them.
Finally, paint with tempera paint. (I had the kids go back and add vertical stripes with pencil after the Sharpie so the stripes wouldn't show up.) 

For our Rainbow Fish, we used paper plates, glue, and tempera paint. 
We cut a triangle out for the mouth and glued it to the end for the tail. 
Students got to finger paint on this one, which was a mess,but such fun for the students.
Last, but not least, was the googly eye! 

These two art pieces plus writing pieces can be found in my Fun Friday 2 unit! 

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