Second Grade Nest: Art Class Day 1

Monday, June 16, 2014

Art Class Day 1

I just started my summer teaching today.
Two classes:  CreARTivity Through Literature and Seusstastical World of Dr. Seuss.

First, let me start by saying this is how my living room is going to look all week....
I cannot wait to clean this up! I have to trade our materials throughout the week for what I need that day. It's easier than carrying in six loads of stuff across NKU's campus. 

And this is my classroom for the week.
It's actually the biggest room I've ever gotten on my NKU teaching jobs. But it's carpet and it makes me nervous! 

Students fold papers into four pieces. Unfold and trace the lines in the middle.
Walk through the students step by step through drawing David, which is pretty easy.
[Circle head, half circle ears, triangle nose with two nostrils, dot eyes and arches for eyebrows, half circle for the mouth and crazy teeth throughout the mouth.]
Then give the students OIL PASTELS and tell students to color him crazy colors and don't let them reuse colors.  

After reading the story, give students a large sized construction paper and a pencil.
Guide them through drawing the street, a car, and a house or city. 
Then let them draw their own food precipitation falling from the sky.
Then give them watercolors to play with! 


Both of these activities are part of my Literature Fun Friday unit! 


  1. The conversations kids have while doing art is priceless. It's like they feel so confident and free to just be themselves. I love the projects!

    Second Grade Sweetie Pies