Second Grade Nest: We LOVE Teachers Giveaway!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

We LOVE Teachers Giveaway!

Have I ever mentioned that Leigh at The Applicious Teacher is fabulous?! 
She organized a week's worth of prizes!! 

Check out today's! 

There are 14 products to win.
If you want a closer look at the products, check out Leigh's post here.

Sellers include: me, Leigh, Katie King, Latoya Reid, Science for Kids, Anna DiGilio, the Learning Tree, Deana K., Sabra, Nicole Rios, and Alyssha Swanson. 


  1. I can't live without chart paper!

  2. I can't live without colorful Sharpies!

  3. I can't live without a pencil sharpener!

  4. I cannot live without a good pencil sharpener, especially with the dubious quality of the pencils I've been receiving lately.

  5. Erasers! We make lots of mistakes - and we learn from most of them ;)