Second Grade Nest: End of the Year READING

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

End of the Year READING

Summer, summer, summer time!! 

It's coming! Here is another idea to get those kids reading and ready for summer time! 
I am going to do some summer themes, but still keep my darlings as close to regular schedule as possible.
I will do that using my Summer Reader's Theater and my Summer Close Reading! Both fun themes, but still very great for skill practicing. 

Close Reading
My kids are REALLY loving their Close Reading. I can't wait to unveil some summer stories next week!

Reader's Theater
Most of my students have reached their Fluency goal by the end of the year. (67 WPM w/ 0 mistakes)
This will help the last few work their way up there!
And what better way to get excited for summer activities than to act them out?

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  1. Love this!! I just told myself I wasn't going to buy anything else tonight on TpT!! Whoops!