Second Grade Nest: Our First Full Week of CLOSE READING!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Our First Full Week of CLOSE READING!!

I went to a PD on Close Reading (led by Ms. Desha over at Primary Talk) after I started making my Close Reading for Spring packet.
This really helped grasp my knowledge on Close Reading before I started using my Spring Close Reading packet with my kiddos! 

So last week was my first FULL week on Close Reading and check it out!! 

Day 1:  
Whole Group Read and Annotation 

Day 2: 
Partner Read and Vocabulary

Day 3: 
Independent Read and Text-Dependent Questions

Teacher confession: Too busy circulating and helping my darlings to snap many pictures of them doing the text-dependent questions. Hey- we are still learning the process!! They aren't QUITE independent yet! Haha! 

Day 4: 
Culminating Writing 

Another confession- I snapped ZERO pictures of the kiddos in action on Day 4 because I was scribing for a little one who can't write! But... here is Mr. Aidan's example. (And he used his introduction, 3 reasons, and conclusion beautifully.)

And here is our wall display!!
Love the way it turned out. The kids are so proud! 

This is one of my 14 stories in my Spring Close Reading pack! 

Next Up...
This week- Plant Life Cycle (from Spring Close Reading)
Next Week- Earth Day (from Spring Close Reading)


  1. I love this ! I'm taking BABY steps into Close reading! Wendy 1stgradefireworks

  2. We have been doing bits of close reading throughout the year this year. My kids are catching on. I grabbed your packet from your TpT store and will be using it next week when we return from spring break. The great thing about your packet is that we are also studying weather, so all your close reads are perfect!!!

  3. We have been learning a lot about close reads as well in our PD meetings. I will have to check your packet out at your TpT store to implement it into my classroom!

    The Literacy Bug

  4. This is great! Thanks for sharing and love the way you set this all up! Super helpful! Check out my new blog that I'm putting together to share ideas with other teachers.

    Thanks Jenn

  5. When would you fit this in as part of your day?