Second Grade Nest: Nonfiction Close Reading

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Nonfiction Close Reading

Close Reading is becoming a very popular reading strategy with many teachers. I know that I started it with my first graders and they are loving it! 

Here is a four day look at Close Reading with a new nonfiction product I just made! 

Here is the optional cover page just to give students a checklist on what they will be in charge of over the next four days. 

Day 1
-Teacher reads aloud and children follow along. They may read aloud, too, if they want.
-Annotation day!  

Day 2
-Partner Reading- Since my first graders are pretty new to this, we read it as a whole group one time on Day 2 before splitting them up into partners. This helps refresh their memory on some of those tricky words! 
-Vocabulary Focus, working together to look up, discuss, and record new knowledge of vocabulary

Day 3
-Independent Reading Day
-Text-Dependent Questions! This changes depending on where you own children are. My students are just now becoming text-dependent, so we still do a lot of this whole group. We read the question, then the students are in charge of finding the answer IN the text and putting their fingers on it before they are allowed to write their answer. We are also really focusing on restating our questions. My children underline their restated question in their answer! 

Day 4
-Cumulative Writing
-Independent read and review, followed up by a writing response

This passage comes from my Nonfiction Close Reading pack.

I am linking up with 2 Brainy Apples on her Close Reading Focus. 
She has had several weeks of linky parties and she really focuses on the true meaning of close reading.
If you are brand new to Close Reading, you should definitely go check this out, plus do some research on her older posts on close reading, too! 


  1. Your new pack looks amazing Jessica! I really like that it includes a writing portion. Thanks for the description of each of the important steps!

    Creative Lesson Cafe

  2. What an amazing resource! What a great idea to have your students restate the questions :) Thanks for linking up!