Second Grade Nest: GoNoodle Brain Breaks

Thursday, April 24, 2014

GoNoodle Brain Breaks

This is absolutely genius. 
I am loving GoNoodle right now for my darling first graders.

I'm sporting my GoNoodle shirt that they sent to me! 

GoNoodle is a new free website that keeps kiddos moving!
You can sign up tonight and get started tomorrow. And trust me, your kids will be begging for more brain breaks! For some reason, several of my students call them "Power Breaks" and that has stuck with the students... So now they just ask for "Power Breaks" and I don't even correct them!

When I notice my kiddos have been sitting for a while or working so hard, I make sure to give them a 2-3 minute brain break to get them back on task. I've seen a great amount of focus from them at the end of the day, which is usually my hardest time with them. ESPECIALLY at this time in the year!

First, you start by picking your classroom mascot!
This mascot will grow with your class as they do more and more brain breaks. 
They love watching the meter go up! 

We picked Oogles. Here he is at level 1.

We are currently at level 4... Here is an update. 

Here is Oogle's full life growth. Can't wait to get him fully grown!! 
I have to remind the kids every time not to scream when he comes out of the "Transmogrifier".

Here is the screen you'll see when you first go in.
The bar on the right fills up as you do more and more brain breaks. 

You'll have a library of videos and activities to choose from.
This is wonderful for active kiddos or just young ones who need to move! 

Calm breathing games, traveling around your state. 

Doing yoga for little ones! 

And the favorite.... HAPPY!! 

Here are my darlings in action! 

OOooh, patiently waiting their very FIRST GoNoodle! They had no idea what to expect.
Here is Zach pondering what this loading blob was!

FREEZE! Read the word! 

And dance! 

To sign up for FREE, click the blue bubble.

Check out my collaborative blog who is giving away a $99 premium membership for FREE! 


  1. My kids love GoNoodle too! We use it between reading and writing. They always scream when out little guy comes out of the Transmogrifier... ha!

    My Carolina Classroom

  2. I totally have to remind my kids not to go crazy whenever our creature transforms too!