Second Grade Nest: Five for Friday- Spring Break Style!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Five for Friday- Spring Break Style!

Let me start by saying....
Spring Break is the most wonderful week ever! 
I have been so productive and I feel much more relaxed! 

Check out five great things that happened this week! 


Spring Cleaning... a.k.a. PURGING in my classroom.

I went and spent four hours just cleaning the piles that I've been hiding all year. 
Everyone knows that teachers have secret piles. 
I hid mine quite well because everyone thought I was so neat and organized. 

But it was GORGEOUS out today, so I blared Michael Buble Playlists on YouTube and had all my classroom windows open. 


Finishing up this wonderful bundle! 
I worked all week on this pack. Morning, day, and night. 
Cranked the 6 animal packs out and decided to bundle them.

Animals nonfiction activities


Yep... That is my Spring Break to-do list... I'm about halfway through it- and it's Friday.
Oh well, there is always summer! 


Time for cutting! 
I usually have my wonderful volunteer moms cut my centers for me, but since it is Spring Break and I need these for Monday, it is cutting time.
Don't worry- I had Grey's Anatomy to keep me entertained while I cut! 

spring centers for math and ELA

spring centers for math and ELA

spring centers for math and ELA
Put all the piles are so nice and neat! 

spring centers for math and ELA

spring centers for math and ELA

These centers are all found in my First Grade Spring Centers.
spring centers for math and ELA

spring centers for math and ELAspring centers for math and ELA


This may be a joke e-card, but the feeling is SO REAL! 
I go back on Monday and this week felt so short! 

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  1. Love your 'spring cleaning' pile...I should have done a bit of that myself! Mine is hiding in my cupboards, one suspects a thing!

  2. My pile is still hiding! I didn't get to it over spring break so I'm going to have to get to it...preferably before summer!


  3. I'm glad to know others had the same stuff on their list - purging their classroom (I think I got through a box!), cutting laminating, and finishing some centers. I think I've made it halfway and it's Friday night. I guess the good thing is there are only 29 school days until summer break!
    - Sydney
    Lessons Learned

  4. Those are some wonderful printables. You have lots of work on your hands preparing those. What printer do you use to print those in color and what do you use for laminating?