Second Grade Nest: Currently a Day Late!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Currently a Day Late!

The fact that it was April 1st completely skipped my mind yesterday.
I did the new month on the calendar and put the number 1 on April 1st, but it just didn't click.
I went to bed last night and thought... oh my gosh! It's the first day of the month! 

I'm not sad to see April though. This winter has been really rough on all of us. We all need a bit of sunshine to make us happy. 

I'm a day late to the Currently party, but hey that's alright! Right? 

My Keurig is my favorite thing in the world, but it is so loud.
I feel like it has gotten louder over the last year. Does anyone else have a really loud Keurig? Do I need to clean it? Replace a part? Anyone know? Is this normal and I just don't remember it being this loud? 

Spring Break starts Friday at 3:45 and I am so excited.
Some of my work buddies and I are going to get a mani/pedi after school on Friday to kick off our spring break. Then on Saturday, my boyfriend got us a couples massage for our 2 year anniversary, so we are redeeming that Saturday. I am going to start Spring Break calm and relaxed. 
(And hopefully this will help me create ALL week!) 

I don't need to explain... I am a teacher.
We all know how monstrous our to-do lists can get. 

I cannot wait to finish my nonfiction Close reading packet.
Two days ago, I finished my spring close reading and I have had great success with it! We started 'Signs of Spring' this week and the kids are loving it! 

I'm so upset that I won't be at a beach next week for Spring Break. I am in desperate need of one. I have a few vacations and trips planned for the summer, so I just need to save the money and be patient. Summer will be here in just a few months. I can make it!!!!
I'll live vicariously through all your beach pictures! 

Our last day isn't finalized yet because we are still waiting for our board meeting to approve the bill on relieving kids from 10 days of school (we had 13 snow days that we are having to figure out how to go about making these up). But if that goes through, the students last day will be on June 3rd and our last day will be June 10th. 

And our hours are 8:30-3:45. Late day, but it allows me to get up and work out in the morning. 

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  1. I have a late day too! My kiddos come at 9:30 but we report at 8:40. You are right, this winter has been rough on us all, I hope the weather is gorgeous for your break. :)
    Fourth and Ten

  2. I changed school districts this year. Last year I didn't have to be at school until 8:30. This year I have to arrive by 7:30. It's a big adjustment.

    Happy spring break!


  3. I am so jealous you have spring break soon. I shouldn't be because I already had mine. I just wish I could be a spring break hopper and skip around to different districts and enjoy their spring break, ha! Good luck on tackling that to-do list.

    Fantastic First Grade Froggies

  4. So, I am blog hopping this morning and I stayed forever here! I would love to connect to your Stem teacher, really. I teach science to all of 400+ students k-5 in my school in Wisconsin. Love her labs and ideas and would love to see how your school runs the science program at your school. Do you teach science as well? or does she do that too? It is always hard to find another science program like ours. Any ideas or connections would be AWESOME!

    Renee at the Science School Yard