Second Grade Nest: 5 For Friday! [April 25]

Friday, April 25, 2014

5 For Friday! [April 25]

It's that time again! Friday Review! 
Here are five great things from my week! 


We "planted" our seeds today. 
The students predicted whether or not these lima beans would grow in a wet paper towel. Many of them predicting that they wouldn't because they need soil and nutrients. Can't wait to shock them and show them this will do the trick.

SO easy to do in your class!  
Paper Towels
Lima Beans
Clear Cups

Take one paper towel and wrap it around the edge of the cup.
Take a paper towel, wad it up, and stick it in the middle to hold the outside in place.
Stick your lima beans in the side! 
Here are the materials laid out of the kids to make their own.

Then, they had to draw what they did, label it, write about what I gave to them, and what they predicted might happen. 


This was supposed to be my #widn for Instagram this week and forgot! 
So I saved it for 5FF! 
Party in Primary's Amber and Webster's Little Dictionary's Mackenzie joined me in an after school date to Jimmy John's. We carpool every chance we get! Funny story, actually. We drove all the way home, then decided we wanted to keep hanging out, so we turned around and went back out for Jimmy Johns. It's really nice having buddies at work! 


We just started our four week fairy tales unit.
This week, we are focusing on The Three Little Pigs and let me tell you.... Faith Wheeler has fairy tale packs that make my life SO much easier! 
We read different versions of the fairy tales every day, discuss, compare, analyze. Then they do a fun little activity involving the story's characters and plot! 

Check out her pack here! 


Check out my blog post from yesterday! 
It is all about my new favorite thing! AND my collaborative blog is hosting a giveaway with GoNoodle! Hop on over to yesterday's blog and Primary Chalkboard's blog to check it out! 

Click the blue bubble to sign up for the free version of GoNoodle.
Click on my picture to see my post yesterday about GoNoodle.
Click Primary Chalkboard button to go to the GIVEAWAY for a FREE membership upgrade! 


I've gone nonfiction crazy!
Just finished my Close Reading pack for nonfiction. My Spring pack was a hit with my shoppers, so I decided to try to a general nonfiction pack. Summer is currently in the makings!

And as always, head over to Doodle Bugs to check out more awesome bloggers' weeks! 

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