Second Grade Nest: What is 4 Cubes Long?

Friday, March 14, 2014

What is 4 Cubes Long?

Check out my students having a blast on a hunt.
I challenged them to find things in the classroom that were the length of 4 connecting cubes.
They were nuts about finding things! 

I told them if they found something that was 4 units long, I would take a picture of it. I felt like I was being attacked! I heard "Ms. Tobin" every 1 second, but I loved it! 

Here is what we found.
My timer

One of the cars on our Junior Achievement poster

A jar from Oriental Trading 

"Yesterday Was" calendar piece 

Used crayons

Temperature pieces for our calendar


My coupon for Book Fair

One of my Valentine's candles that is still sitting on my desk (oops)

Place Value cubes in our 'leftover' basket 

Name labels on our mailboxes

Deanna Jump's targets! 

My Daily 5 schedule board cards

Grab this freebie to do this in your own classroom! 

I know, I know! This worksheet is for 3 cubes and my pictures show 4 cubes. 
I made the freebie sheet before we did this lesson! 

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