Second Grade Nest: STEM- M&M Soaking

Sunday, March 16, 2014

STEM- M&M Soaking

This week's visit to the STEM lab was fun! 
Whenever M&M's are involved, it is a good time.
We used water and baby oil to see how M&M's would respond to both liquids. 

Dixie Cups
Baby Oil

Students made predictions about what they thought would happen in the baby oil and what they thought would happen in the water. 

Step 1:
Pour it in.

Step 2: 
Allow kids to simply observe.

After a while, in the water, the M&M will lose it's coloring and the M will slowly float to the top of the water and completely disconnect from the candy. 

The kids used a sheet in their learning logs to write about what happened.

Grab this freebie for your visits to the STEM lab! 


  1. Great experiment! I'm always looking for quick and easy experiments. Thanks for sharing!

    Saddle Up For 2nd Grade

  2. Love this experiment! I put one of each color into a container. As the colors dissolve they bump against each other, but do not mix. After a while the colors will start to mix and make a brown.

  3. Do you come up with the experiments for your STEM lab?