Second Grade Nest: Saturday Sessions (On Sunday)

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Saturday Sessions (On Sunday)

So sorry I didn't post this yesterday! 
I was busy winning our District Academic Team Governor's Cup! YAY! (More on that in my Currently post that will follow this post.)
And here is my Saturday (Sunday) Session! 

Faith is a first grade teacher in Georgia.  

    Faith has been blogging for 16 months over at the fun blog, 1st Grade Fantabulous.

This is Faith's 12 year of teaching first grade! And a fun fact, Faith has taught in the same exact classroom for all 12 of those years!  

Faith is a laid back, but structured teacher. And she loves to teach writing. 

"If you use CD players, get Belkin Rockstars. You can connect up to 5 sets of headphones into one rockstar. They are great!"  

"Remember you can't do it all and 99% of what you worry about doesn't happen." 

"Teaching first grade in the same room." 

"Daily 5... my kids have gotten really into Read to Self and Read to Someone time!"

Check out this fab freebie and leave her some love!

Here are Faith's Facebook and TPT links! 
Check her out...

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