Second Grade Nest: Saturday Session- March 29

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saturday Session- March 29

So sorry I missed last week!
I was at the Regional Competition for Academic Team. I am the head coach and we had our final event (season started in October). It was bittersweet. We placed 4th overall.

Casey is a second grade teacher in North Carolina. 

    Casey is the blogger better known as Second Grade Math Maniac. She has been blogging for two years. She also just joined my collaborative blog, Primary Chalkboard!

 Casey has been teaching second grade for four years!              

"My teaching style could be called organized chaos. Everyone is busy and working with purpose, but it can get LOUD in my classroom." 

"I share a set of iPads with my grade level. Whenever it is my turn to use them, my kiddos record themselves solving problems using Educreations. It is my favorite app and my kids love doing it. I sometimes listen to their little whiteboard videos at home and it helps me understand any misconceptions I have."  

"My suggestion to first year teachers is to avoid comparing yourself to other teachers. Every teacher will have their own style and that is okay!"

"I would love to be a math coach or instructional resource support, but I would have to pull myself away from my second graders."

"I recently implemented Beach Bucks from Surfin' through Second for my classroom behavior system. It works like a charm and is teaching my kiddos SO much responsbility."

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