Second Grade Nest: Five for Friday- March 21st

Friday, March 21, 2014

Five for Friday- March 21st

End of March already? 
Here is a quick look back at my week! 

Monday, two naughty leprechauns visited our classroom! 


Note is VERY hard to read in the picture.
In the corner, you will see Luke the Leprechaun. He was our 'Elf on the Shelf' leprechaun throughout the week. Our entire school did this and it was so fun! I hid him in a new spot each day.
Well, Luke decided to write my class a note. It reads: 

"Dear Ms. Tobin's class,
I saw two naughty leprechauns ruin our class. I tried to stop them, but they jumped out the windows! 
Love, Luke
p.s.- I did see them leave you guys some treats on your teacher's desk."

I wrote it with my left hand so the kids wouldn't immediately recognize my writing! 

And of course, they got to write about their experience with the leprechauns. 

I started my week off with a trip to the Big Ten Championship game on Sunday.
My boyfriend asked me if I wanted to take an impromptu trip up to Indy for the championship. He is a huge Michigan fan and they were playing a long-time rival, Michigan State. The game did not end up in Michigan's favor, but we still enjoyed ourselves. 

Here is a sneak peek!!
I am so excited about my (almost) finished Fluency Centers pack. 
I tested one of the games out on my Core Extension kiddos. I gave them a timer and allowed them to test themselves on their sight word fluency

Check back NEXT WEEK for the finished product. I can't wait! 

So excited about Spring! 
I'm about to print and laminate all my Spring stuff for next week. 

We started doing Reader's Theater last week, actually!

Students were practicing for quite a bit before we began.
They had to recite their lines several times before performing. 

Here they are presenting to their friends. 

And new centers! 


I have this ready for my Skill Drill and Core Extension centers! 

And I have this ready for my higher kids that are ready for higher texts and comprehension questions! 
I can't wait to start. 

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  1. I love your reader's theater packet! I can't wait to download and start using it! My kids LOOOVE reader theater!

    MOORE Fun In Kindergarten

  2. Love the naughty Leprachaun!!
    -Lovely Nina