Second Grade Nest: Saturday Sessions- Shamrock Freebie

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Saturday Sessions- Shamrock Freebie

Laura is a first grade teacher in Mississippi. 

Laura has been blogging for two years over at Peace, Love, and First Grade.

This is Laura's 23rd year of teaching! That is amazing! 

Laura teaches with a workshop style.

"Use Donors Choose to get technology!" 

"Keep up with paperwork. Create binders for important topics and file papers when you receive them. Otherwise you'll end up with mountains of paper!" 

"Retired?? Working part time from home." 

"Changing math Math Workshop from 6 groups to 3 groups."

Check out this fab freebie and leave her some love!

Here are Laura's Facebook and TPT links! 
Check her out...

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  1. Love me some Laura Martin!!!! <3 And some Jessica Tobin, too!!!! :)
    Hugs - Lisa
    Growing Firsties