Second Grade Nest: President's Day Is Coming

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

President's Day Is Coming

Last year, I posted lots of President's Day activities, but since I was in second grade at the time, it was more based off of research! We had SO much fun researching presidents. 

Here is a link to the four posts on it from last year. 

Here are some of LAST YEAR'S activities...

We used Pebble Go Biographies to fill out information about the presidents. 

The students also used our library catalog to find their own books on presidents. 

And they played a 'If You Were President' game when they finished their work. 

Then, we used all our knowledge to compare Lincoln and Washington. 
These writing sheets from my girl, Faith's pack. 

Now, on to my little ones for this year....

 Since I have a younger bunch this year, we won't be doing independent research projects.
Check out what I finished yesterday for my kiddos to do!


Here is the Abe craft...

And the George craft...

I love foldable books. My kids also adore them!! 

Here is the foldable before we cut and folded. 

And a mini assessment that sees if students understand images of the children's dinner. 

Check this pack out here!! 

 I can't wait to get my kiddos working on President's Day activities!

 And don't forget your flip books!

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